We are a project that seriously believes in revitalising surplus leather goods.

It is necessary to look at the acquisition of material goods in a sustainable way. We are a brand with a Slow Fashion imprint that encourages conscious consumption. We aim for the customer to buy less frequently, preferring something more durable.


We develop sustainable products with the aim of reducing material waste and our environmental footprint. The reuse of surplus materials from productions manufactured by Belcinto for international private labels has enabled Leather Goods to follow the principles of the circular economy. Belcinto’s vast experience ensures that every product that sees the light of day is developed to the highest quality. We want our products to be a legacy for our customers, as they are for our brand.


At Leather Goods, we are aware of our role on the planet and therefore we see waste as a problem. We design our products in order to extinguish the waste of materials. Through sustainable and environmental practices, we aim to reduce our impact on the world.

The company

Leather Goods by Belcinto is a Portuguese brand, whose main goal is to produce leather goods, reusing leftover raw materials from other collections in their entirety, never giving rise to new leftovers. This forced us to think the design with rigour, to create new compositions and combinations, keeping the products functional and appealing, for the customers. We consider our long standing raw materials and accessories as an added value, giving them a new purpose, we were able to develop surprising, current, long lasting products, always allied to the premise of sustainability. The combinations of raw materials and accessories intertwined with the company’s experience in developing leather products, result in a profoundly original line with roots in what we have done before. Our brand seeks to provide the customer with products supported by sustainability and durability, to meet the needs of our consumers. We want you to be part of our community, where we all agree that durability is more sustainable. Leather Goods A matter of purpose


The Commercial Director

Ana Vasconcelos defines herself as a self-made woman. She has been an advocate of sustainability and circular economy values, combining this cause with the fact that she is one of the founders of the “Magic Runway” Volunteering School.


You should buy less frequently, opting for items with higher quality and durability, adopting a slow fashion approach.

Slow Fashion

Our products are designed with durable materials, which guarantees them greater sustainability. For this reason, and in order to be included in the slow fashion industry, we choose to design more classic products with a bold touch. Keeping up with fashion permanently. We produce the items in smaller quantities, so that our impact on the planet is reduced.

60 years of experience

Belcinto’s vast years of experience are channelled into the production of Leather Goods, where we use classic models and change the approach to something more distinctive and bold. Through the use of distinctive materials, we give our products a refreshing look, shaping the permanent functionality that every detail of our products has.


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